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Often you will hear from other women that hair is responsible for your level of vitality, health or overall image. It is true! Long, thick hair or a beautifully styled haircut is the way to make a great first impression. This, in turn, not only helps you in your personal life but also gives you confidence. All these arguments only confirm how important a great view in the mirror every morning is in every person’s life. Excessive hair loss, poor hair condition, dandruff or other ailments are the beginning of dominoes, which entangle us in deeper emotional and psychological problems or simply build up a bad daily mood. So, what to do to win the battle for thick hair full of shine? Start taking care of your hair with a trusted product, one of them is Oilme Botanical Care which owes its success to the Japanese formula.

Major hair loss, poor condition – whose problem is it?

hair loss problemFace it, it’s a problem for all of us. It is not sooner than later that trichological problems affect everyone. Regardless of age, gender or genetic predisposition the problem may appear out of the blue and not wait for your first preventive treatments. Very often you will not notice the trichological ailment already in its first phase. Then the inner hair cell dies or undergoes destruction. For providing vitamins or reducing stress it is already too late because the problem has gone too far.

The life cycle of hair is very similar to the life cycle of humans. The follicle develops, grows, expands and dies. So where does the problem lie? It’s normal(!). Yes, but the trouble begins when the normal life cycle of hair is disrupted. Every single hair has a significant impact on the condition and life cycle of the rest of the hair on your head. Therefore, the above-mentioned factors such as stress, lack of vitamins, physical or mental overload can directly lead to disorders related to the correct growth of hair.

Depending on your predisposition and life experiences, you will lose 50 to 170 hairs per day. Yes, this is normal, what if you are trying to determine your daily loss and you are left with hundreds more hairs in your hand? It’s time to truly regenerate and return to the natural process of hair growth. In this case, a wise choice would be Oilme Botanical Care.

Beautiful hair means a better life! Oilme Botanical Care is the solution!

Remember that, contrary to popular belief, the condition of hair is not only affected by frequently washing it with strong products. A healthy lifestyle also does not fill the gap, nor is it the only factor determining the amount of hair on your head. Take care of the best possible environment for the growth of your thick hair. Ensure your head is properly nourished, regenerated and also cleansed. Thanks to the modern peeling formula, Oilme treatment first cleanses your skin from the beginning to the end of the hair, and also removes the remains of exfoliated skin. Only then does the absorption and regeneration phase take place. This is the only way to healthy and thick hair in harmony with nature.

Oilme Botanical Care peeling formulaA peeling formula? And what is that?
I’m sure you’ve guessed what it means. You have such a clear association with exfoliating your skin. Exfoliating formulas are also very important for scalp care. It’s in the top layer of the scalp that you find the exfoliated, damaged skin that makes it difficult to nourish your hair. An effective shampoo will allow you to completely cleanse your scalp and start nourishing it effectively. Are you sleeping properly? That’s great, your hair grows much faster at night!

Oilme Botanical Care – Japanese formula. The power of nature in one product

As early as January 2021, the eyes of scientists from around the world were directed to clinical trials in Luxembourg. There, an innovative project connected with taming the ailments of hair loss was undergoing its final phase of testing. What aroused so much interest in the well-known study? The results of the clinical tests! The results obtained in laboratory conditions seemed to be impossible. The effectiveness of the preparation was determined by percentages, and the whole thing was confirmed by questionnaires collected from nearly 200 people from all over Europe. The only valid comment on the study on Oilme Botanical Care by a well-known trichologist Mattias Herzega – “Treatment with Oilme Botanical Care makes sense and is nearly 99% effective. This is unbelievable. In addition, it doesn’t matter what stage of the ailment you are at and it will help you anyway. It can inhibit near destructive hair loss and strengthen active cells. I haven’t seen such an effective product yet as long as I’ve been alive.” – he said.

the power of nature Oilme Botanical Care

This is certainly supported by the overall results of the study, of which the following table shows the greatest benefits.

1 week2. week3. week4. week
Hair loss-26,7%-49,1%-74%-94%
Grey hair reduction-61,2%-78,6%-89,9%-98,2%
Hair condition (scale 1-10)6,2 pt.7,9 pt.8,6 pt.9,7 pt.
Hair regeneration+ 34,8%+54,7%+72,6%+91,5%

Natural revolution + multilevel care. Oilme Botanical Care and how it works?

It seems to be the formula of an ordinary shampoo. However, the study conducted on the control group shows it is not an ordinary, popular product that causes only temporary care. Regular use of Oilme Botanical Care is up to 4 stages of action, which your hair will appreciate. Observations confirm that each use of the product provides up to 36 hours of regeneration of your hair. What are the various stages of the fight against baldness and poor condition of hair? Check below:

  1. Enhanced glucose metabolism. This is the most important step in making your hair follicles much more active and willing to grow.
  2. Nourishment of the hair stem cells. At this point, the hair gets a stimulus to smoothly transition from the resting phase to the growth phase.
  3. Mitochondrial assurance and safety. Supportive stage – proper natural protection protects the hair from internal factors such as stress or poor diet. The hair will not react to cortisol spikes or other negative factors that may happen during the day.
  4. Stabilization – since you already have beautiful and thick hair, it’s a good idea to show it off. In the final stage of action, Oilme Botanical Care prevents aging of the scalp and hair cells. The result of this action is the absence of gray hair and the desired, full of shine hairstyle.

Oilme Botanical Care – The peeling formula inhibits hair loss and nourishes your skin!

Oilme Botanical Care effects of applicationHidden power in high-quality shampoo allows you to perform, a full 28-day treatment. Full treatment is not only to inhibit the process of hair loss. It is primarily to stimulate new cells of the scalp to denser screening, better circulation and return to shiny, strong hair. With just 4 weeks of use, you can get rid of the problem completely.

Oilme Botanical Care – effects:

  • Proper stimulation of the roots and hair follicles for growth.
  • Blocking the relevant androgens, which are responsible for alopecia areata and other hormone-related ailments.
  • Strengthening of the hydrolipidic film, the hair does not get oily and remains properly moisturized throughout the day.
  • Natural ingredients extend the life of the hair.
  • Nanotechnology contained in the delivery of vitamins allows for greater growth of hair follicles.

Oilme Botanical Care – where to buy? Amazon, eBay? Price

Oilme Botanical Care buy now, order nowAs you can see the relatively new product that came out on January 1, 2021 has been an incredible success in the market. Trichology clinics, hairdressers and experts from all over Europe unanimously recognize this product as the “ultimate trust formula”. However, it is mainly people like you, who every day are reminded in reflection of their diminishing hair condition, are aware of weak hair follicles and thus the disastrous condition of their hair that are the best reviewers of Oilme Botanical Care. High popularity among those suffering from the same ailments made the circle of people asking about the miraculous Japanese shampoo grow. It can be said that Oilme Botanical Care is getting positive reviews nonstop!

This means that you also have a real chance to get rid of dandruff, baldness and poor hair condition forever. In this process, Oilme Botanical Care, a certified product for trichological ailments, will surely help you effectively.

The manufacturer of the Oilme series has placed the highest possible investment in product quality. Oilme products – including shampoo – you will not find in a nearby drugstore, television commercials or at a well-known auction house. Purchase is made only through the official online sales channel by clicking on the link below:

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FAQ Oilme Botanical Care

I have the first signs of gray hair, will Oilme Botanical Care help with that too?

Yes, if the hair is still actually little you will certainly reduce it to zero even within 7 days. The graying process is inevitable, but it can be postponed and successfully extend the life cycle of each hair, return to your natural color this week!

Is the product only from natural ingredients as promised by the manufacturer?

Definitely yes! If you study the entire composition of the product one by one, you will not find any ingredients of animal origin. This is nature hidden in one package, the use of which contributes to the protection of flora and fauna around the world.

What is the optimal time to use Oilme Botanical Care?

Depending on the severity of the ailment treatment with Oilme Botanical Care lasts from 28 to 60 days. Although the expected results can be achieved from 2-7 days, but it is recommended to use the product for prevention of recurrence. Oilme is not only your weapon, but above all a shield and protection of your beauty.

What effects can I expect above all after using Oilme Botanical Care?

The product guarantees comprehensive protection for your hair. By starting a treatment with Oilme you cleanse your scalp of toxic substances, exfoliated skin and in addition you begin proper cellular care. Adequate regeneration, micronutrients and daily care translate into inhibition of baldness, improved hair density, significant reduction of baldness and stress reduction. Oilme Botanical Care is a full spectrum skin and hair treatment.

Oilme Botanical Care in just 4 easy steps:

The process of striving for beautiful, shiny hair with Oilme formula is extremely simple. Use the shampoo according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and your first results will be visible after the second application. The assets are in your hands, use them “step by step”:

  1. Wet hair and hands, then apply a small amount of shampoo (the size of a pea or depending on the length of hair of two peas).
  2. Slowly massage both hands through the length of your hair, making sure to press your hand lightly on top of your head. Use circular motions for about two minutes.
  3. Leave the shampoo’s slightly foamy consistency on your hair, immediately after rubbing it in, the regeneration and rebuilding process begins. Do not use a towel, wait 5 minutes.
  4. Rinse with lukewarm water.

For best possible results with very weak hair condition, you can use Oilme Botanical Care twice a day for the first week. After 7 days, a single application is sufficient.

Oilme Botanical Care – the other opinions of people like you!

“I have been using this shampoo relatively recently, my hair was completely damaged because I am a swimming instructress. Unfortunately, the times I have been in cool, chlorinated water over time have had their negative effects. By using Oilme Botanical Care I feel like I have a protective barrier! I trimmed the ends, started to care for my hair every other day and there you go – hair like a fairy tale!”.

– Anna from Luxembourg

“This is the only product that has contributed so much to my life. My road in the fight for beautiful hair was really long. Oilme Botanical Care is not just care, it’s a complete treatment to stop your hair loss in the first place! The first effect you will notice is a gain in volume, each individual hair is perfectly nourished, and your head does not get greasy. I am very satisfied, and I see my desired results every day in the hall mirror.”

– Matya from Mexico

“I thought this was a special shampoo for women. Out of curiosity I read the article…It turned out that Oilme Botanical Care is also a great choice for me. I started having male pattern baldness and androgen problems right out of college. Not only do I maintain my natural hair color, but no cavities are also visible, and I comb through my hair with pride. I would recommend it to other man as well.”

– John from USA

“I actually love the evening ritual of washing my hair! I have never come across a hair shampoo with a scrubbing formula before. Not only is it unbelievably effective because it literally wipes away old hair residue, refreshes your skin and feels like a massage while you bathe. I just fell in love! And I will be thankful for the rest of my life to my friend for this gift for my birthday!”

– Katrine from Serbia

“Not only did I already have very sparse hair at the age of 23 but my hair was in terrible condition. Oilme Botanical Care made my hair shine back after only 7 days of treatment and it became thicker. After the first month my mom already knew what she wanted for the next Christmas. It’s something amazing to rediscover yourself. Girls put aside other cosmetics and check out the Oilme formula!”

Karolina from Poland